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Sydney Harbour 9/1/2008


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gday all,

headed out to a bueat morning , a little over cast which i always like, seeing the kings have been hard to get lately i decided to go for a troll with some skirts

1st run inside north head...BANG were on ....pulls in a nice taylor to 45cm.....i thought not a bad start. Around noth head and BANG were on again this time a king to 50cm.....spewn not bigger any way back she goes.

a few more trolls along and were on again this time a nice samson to nearly 50cm. this was going ok so off we go again lines back out , no more action for a while so we decided to come back in , on the way in the rod buckles again and its another king this time 45cm..............WERE ARE THE BIGGER ONES!!!! spewn

anyway back inside to get squid and lives off we go on the downrigger for a big fat ZILCHwe rigged almost every marker, reef , drop offf and wreck that i knew , even around yachts and places i havent been before. 1 of our squids got smashed by soemthing it had big chunks out of i every were i rekon it was a school of slimys

all in all two nice fish for the table and some salt and pepper squid entre's

nice day out shame about some bigger kings , again alot of people on the water had no luck , 1 guy said he got a king to 65cm but everyone else was spewn.

was good to be out and met a few raiders along the way




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i just got back from an arvo flick in the harbour .. i had no luck but a mate of mine who was tied up next to me for 10 mins pulled in a fat 60cm king on a 9"plastic, so she went back in also.

Crazy that you cant take them home at that size .. would've been a perfect meal for 2-4 people!

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