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Engine Lock Part 2.


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G'day everyone,

My ouboard mehcanic just informed me that it will cost me $3000 to repair the motor. One cylinder(1) was in very bad shape. It actually blew a small hole on the engine block. The rest looks fine. He wouldnt tell me how the problem occoured. Is this a fair quote or is he tring to rob me blind? Its only a 70hp Johnson 1987 model. I can buy more modern outboard for less than he quoted to fix. Bloody Spewin..... No fishing on boat for a long time.

Thanks for reading

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Go see Huey at Huett Marine and see if he can re power your vessel for you ,at the the end of the day your motor is very old and it has shit itself once already and it is not to be trusted.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune mate :(

Cheers Stewy

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3 boats back for me i had a old caribeian with a blue band merc ,heh goin back a bit .i through so much money at it ,it sort of just kept sucking me in as i was on apprentice wages it hurt ,eventually i bit the bullet and bought a new outboard best thing i ever did ,no stress ,no dramas .

mate it will hurt now but in the future i am sure you will be pleased with a new outboard

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Good Morning, I am guessing he has pulled the engine down and has come up with what he has told you. If that is the case it is pretty easy to detemine the cause of the problem so I would be a little wary of what this guy tells you. Anyway I would be surprised if to replace 1 piston in a 3 cylinder OMC it would cost anything like $3K, but the part about a small hole in the block may make it too expensive. I am guessing that he means in the crankcase is where the hole is and that really only happens due to a big end letting go so that will then mean a new conrod and repairs to the crankshaft which again will make it too expensive.

As the other guys have said you would not want to spend $3K on a 1987 model outboard and you would be better off spending that sort of money on a later model engine.

PM me if you like and I have a later model 60HP 3Cylinder Evirnude that the owner is wanting to sell that would be not much more than what you are talking about.



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Mate dont spend the 3K, go and check out the 3cyl evinrude from Huey. I stand to be corrected but the 3 cyl OMC will be based on the larger 70+ HP models and will be a rock solid motor.

If it has service history and huey checks it over you will be ahead of the game. spending money on cheap motors will never stop. And there is nothing like confindence in your O/B as you drift in that great spot towards rocks!

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