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The Joys Of Fishing!


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Well where do i start... For 4 years i have been trying to land a Jewfish. Today my mate came back with some nice slimmies that he got in the harbour so i thought it was a great opportunity to send them out off the beach. I got down there about 10pm and butterflied the slimmies and threw them out and with in five minuets a landed a nice size talor about 60cm. I threw out another slimmie and i got a nice run on the bait runner for about 5m or so, i let it run because i did not want to go to early but then nothing!!!! i had one more nice run and this time i think i did go to early. it felt really fishy down there and i was all out of bait and the question came do i send out a slab of taylor or do i eat him???? i might up grade to a jewie??? I cut a nice size slab off the taylor and threw it out after 10 min my rod buckles over and big pulsing pulls are screaming out from my drag. This is it! finally after 4yrs of sitting night after night on that beach. I started to think about all the people to thank like the boys on the chat forum on fish raider and my mate that gave me the slimies. After about a 20 metre run.................................. he was gone!!!!! i thought it must of been a shark that cut through my leader???? when i brought in my line i checked to see the tell tail signs of what happened. My knot on the braid to the leader popped!!!!!! i had not changed it for months :1badmood: Note to self tie new knots before going out!!!!!! I do not know how im going to sleep tonight replaying it over and over again in my head. Anyway thanks for listening to me winge. i hope to put a nice pick up soon of the one that didn’t get away. At least i still have a nice big fillet of taylor for breakfast.....


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It seems to be the week for jews...I caught 2 in the harbour this week and my brother landed to off stockton breakwall over 20lb......it seems so random......i got them of prawns and he used slimmies......first jews for months for us...

what beach were u fishing?

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Man, a similar thing happened to me in the Hawkesbury a while back, i hooked a big jew while fishing for bream on yabbies not far from Patonga. It had these really defined and big "beats" which from what i have read are its tail beating. It did that big jewie run, and was heavy, especially for my little rod i was using.

I have this bad habbit of grabbing the line with my left hand which also holds the rod while im on the up stroke, just to over-ride the drag and make a bit of extra ground... well, PING!!! I was so bummed. But in my case, the fish played it better than me. For you, when a knot gives out, well thats always a huge bummer...

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That is a heartbreak story and you will more than likely have a few more and be kicking yourself about some little oversight that lets you down. I spent the same number years night after night in the rain and all until I got the fish you see me holding. After the first one they seem easier to get. You did the right thing by using the tailer, match the hatch. If the tailer are there the jews will be chasing them. That one i'm holding had a tailer in his guts about 25cm long when I cleaned him up. Keep tabs of the tide, moon, barometric pressure, rain etc but, most of all get a bait in the water. My fish came on no moon, mid june with a low tide which really wasn't the ideal conditions. On top of that my cast for that fish was a shocker. I dropped it about 10 metres in front of me and thought it was not "out there" but the fish can often be right at your feet. Long Reef beach one night gave me a hell of a fright when there was a really deep gutter right at the shore line. Here I am messing about with a big slab right at my feet and a 4ft bronze whaler takes off with it. I could have hit him on the head with the rod tip. Night time is spooky in the surf.

PM me and I'll give you a heads up on my favourtite spot on the northern beaches.

Best of luck.

Brian P.

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About two weeks before christmas I was fishing the Hacking in the very early hours. Similar story, big fish took livey, drag started running hard, poor knot tying skills came to the fore, big fish gonnnnnnnne.

I sat back down in the boat and let go with a couple of choice words when out of the darkness behind me someone yelled out "I feel your pain". I nearly fell out of the boat I was laughing that hard.

Bad luck mate I think we all "feel your pain"


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Ooohh mate it makes you feel like throwing up when you miss a big one. But then its all the more satisfying when you finally land one. I dont think fishing would be nearly as satisfying if you didnt have to put in the hard yards and loose a few fish. Still tho it doesnt make you feel any better when youre in the pits of the "lost fish depression". Keep at it - it'll happen but probably not soon enough I'm afraid :(

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Mate that hurts eh

I learnt the hard way with tackle failure.

I start a new rig for all rods every time i go fishing.

Taylor is excellent slab bait and i will always slab em and get em back out there on a nice two hook rig praying for a hungry mulloway.

Narrabeen is an excellent proposition for jewies ATM.


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mushtaka I feel for you mate.

Its hard to swallow a terminal tackle failure especially if you are going for jewies and especially off the beach.

See if these tips help you

My fisrt and biggest lesson in jewfishing was the tackle to be used.

A mate of mine took one look at my rods, reels, line, leaders, swivels, hooks and proclaimed "get that S%&9! off your boat" I was quite shocked and tried to protest but he said if you want to even think of catching big jewies on a regular basis get the right gear. You may be lucky once or twice with smaller stuff but when the monster comes one day you want your tackle to be the last worry.

So I changed everything and since then (touch wood) I have not lost a fish because of tackle failure. Other mates have had rods break, reels seize, rodholders break, leaders pop and one or two have been just plain spooled. Now I will be the first to admit not all the culprits are jewies but with the wrong gear you will never know! I got a big one recently and I was convinced it was a big ray for the first 10 mins!! The point being I had the gear to find out.

As for leaders - get good quality leader ( I use Jinkai - soft and makes good knots) and retie your leaders for EVERY session! Sounds a bit extreme but I saw may mate who told me about the gear loose two fish in two days on damaged leaders! He had every thing else right except the leaders. I make up a whole lot of leaders before I go and if there is the slightest nick or scratch I get rid of it and stick on a new one.

Use good quality swivels. Wash them properly and oil them in fish oil. Make sure there are no burrs on them from wear and tear. The slightest mark on them will rip into a leader when the force is applied.

Test your knots! You will be shocked at how easily some of them break. On the end of knots I always burn a little knob to give that extra bit of holding power. There is a knack to this and be very careful not to damage the main line when doing this.

I promise you when you do catch the big one it will be all that more special.

Don't give up - the next one may be the big one!



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cannot agree more with what inhlanzi has said...

preparation is something alot of us overlook and sometimes its the difference between a great fish session or a :1badmood: one due to gear failure....

i also do likewise and check a redo my prepared leaders etc, usually while watching one of my fav fish dvd's and getting revved up for upcoming fishing session.....

it also pays to check knots etc while out there as i went out wed night and was lucky i didnt get that fish of a lifetime as my albright was not as i would like.. lucky a hard lesson was not learnt that night....

i am a big believer of trying to have the best gear i can and do things the best way i can and these forums are choc full of so much good advise that we dont have to make mistakes and get dissapointed as learning from others and improving my technique is the big value this site offers......

mushtaka you did alot right that night and its something to learn from i suppose...

putting that taylor out was a good idea especially if they are running the gutter as the big jew may be chasing them an find your offerings :biggrin2: ...


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