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Daiwa Sol Reels


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Hi Guys.

We are on holidays at Yamba. :thumbup: Due to a mix up we left at home an 8' foot rod which we use for light work off the beach and shore and have been enticed to look at a Daiwa Sol 3000 Reel matched with a Sol Rod at a very competitive price. My son fishes with and is mad keen about SP's so this looks good, but what about old fashioned bait fishing from Dad's point of view. :1fishing1: Any thoughts on this combo. It has been suggested that this is a good rig for chasing snapper and the like. If the reel is OK (which I believe it is) should I be looking at another rod. We already have the Daiwa Tierra 2000 and 2500 matched with Tierra 7' Rods, which are great but I am not sure about this combo. At this stage we are still mainly shore based. Too many choices, not enough funds :wacko:

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the Sol is a nice reel

mine (2500)is currently matched to the new Team daiwa advantage rod 8lb-14lb (red a black version)

I love the new range of Team daiwa rods.

This combo might be for sale soon as i have always liked the overheads reels

the 2500 size reel is made in thailand

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Thanks Raiders, the advice confirms what I have been told. I am going to give my local guys a call before buying the outfit. I will also check where the reel is made. I understand there is a difference between reels made in Thailand and those made in Japan, although from what I can gather all the Sol reels are made in Japan. I can wait until I get back to Sydney and in the meantime it will save the bank balance. :biggrin2:

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