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Harbour This Morning (11/01)


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Andrew snr and I were out on the water early this morning and managed only one squid til late in the morning when we picked up another two. Many people had only one or two. We ran into another raider whose name had many letters and numbers that confused me :P but exchanged numbers and went on the kingy hunt. We tried our usual spots and just got our squid picked, til we got an sms with the location of the kingies. Downrigged around for an hour and managed a last year legal which somehow I hooked through the nose punk rock style... was thinking of throwing him back down as live bait :P

We were pretty stoked to get our first kingy on the new downriggers, after fishing at anchor for kings successfully for a year, you need some success to motivate you to pull them out :P And it was great to meet another friendly raider.

Late in the day a couple of other raiders said hi to us, they'd apprently been out to the FAD. Hi to you guys whoever you are!

I have a pic of our kingy, I'll toss it up tonight when i get it off my phone.

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nice work getting one on the rigger huntman.

There were heaps there according to my sounder.. could see them come up to the bait and go back down again. somehow i lost a full squid without noticing a touch. my king went 66cm. WOW!!!!! no pic cause i dont reckon its worth braging about but should taste great!

Pitty the wind came up so early.. i should have hung around there as we were sheltered there.

Tomorrow will see more sucess hopefully.

great to meet you and keep on with the riggers. Once you got it sorted you will love it.


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