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Met Up With Jewgaffer


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Hi guys

I had heard from Jewgaffer a couple of times during his trip up Ballina way - he sure copped the bad weather! Luckily it hasn't followed him down to Forster, altho it is very windy here today .....

We arranged to meet up at the Bowling club for dinner (as we already had guests & were planning on doing so.) It was terrific to put a face to the name!! The Voice was the same as ever!

He was going out fishing with his buddy Syd this morning - somewhere near the mouth of the lake, so I hope he got into some fish. We didn't have as much luck on the rocks today! A big Zippo & lost tackle as well! Lots of white caps on the water & the wind was very uncomfortable.

We had a chat & hope to catch up again & hopefully toss in a line at some stage - we have Cam's family arriving today & 3 other buddies arriving on Wed, so will be pretty busy from here on in, methinks! :wacko:

I know I was soooo tired last night, that I fell asleep in front of the TV!! Something I rarely do!

Cheerio for now


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