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Blue Nose Point


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Well, what an experience this morning, Blue Nose Point. Went with Dan (spanker) down to the spot - was my first time there. You have to walk in, part of it gets steepish, then when you get to the final section, its quite interesting! Absieling/repelling up the sandstone wall via a thick rope some genius has mounted, backpack on, rods gripped in mouth.

The actual fishing was mixed, but the experience was so cool. Got doused by a few big sprays - was in awe of natures power!

What a sunrise!


View back down to Manly, with Dan wetting a line.


Dan pulled in a thumper bream, was 35cm long.


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Maybe you had to be there? Hehe

My legs are sore from going back up that hill!

Hard trying to balance a long enough rod for the conditions with light enough line so you can feel the bites in the swell. Was a great session, we'll go again one day :1fishing1:


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You guys certainly found a hideaway spot.

Being a treelopper and working with ropes, wasn't it a bit scary using someone elses line to get down the cliff?

Unless I was just using it as an assist, I think I would have been a little worried to put my whole weight on it. The fact that i'm over 100kg also plays a factor !

Nevertheless, it looks like a top possie, and that thumper bream certainly says that there are fish there!



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Gee my legs are sore too today, quads particularly!

Yeah, big leap of faith to put into that rope, not for the faint hearted... the bream was caught on a prawn i think - Spanker can confirm that. We didnt have any bream - stupid me left it in the freezer!

Do you guys ever use this site:


Latitude :33°48'27.22"S Longitude :151°18'26.01"E

The maps are often better than Google Earth, and the thing i love about it is that the resolution is constant across the entire state (i think). So you can zoom in on spots like Marley, etc. No density discrimination there!!!

The spot is near the old sewerage outlet. You can smell the poo plant on the walk in. On the walk in, i would have killed for a nice sou-easter!!!

In the picture below, the X is actually in the wrong spot - i did this after zooming right in. When you zoom in you can see an old military spotting station, which you walk past. The place is more or less right on the point there.


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Hey, Nice Bream you got there. I was just curious how long was the walk down and how exactly did you get down there? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Walk takes about 10 minutes, piece if cake going down in the cool of the morning. Now climber back up in the heat on the other hand............... :mad3:

PM me for instructions if you like, you will need them.

Fishes best after a storm or some swell but there is a fine line between it being washy enough to bring in the fish (got two blue nose bream 40+ cm about 18 months ago) and swamped. I have been there when it was calm and it was dead. I have seen people burley up yellowtail and float them out on balloons with heavy gear. There is a drop off about 30m out I think into deeper water, I guess anything could be cruising past there.


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Never fished there of the rocks, but out of the boat. Have had good king sessions, tailor in a bump at this time of year, bonito, salmon, frigate mackeral, small samsons, plate sized reds and trevally and yakkas are there all year round. Can't say that it has always fired,( missed out plenty of times) but have caught all of these species in about 20m of water at different times. From land you don't have to cast to far to deeper water.

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