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Sydney Harbour 12.01.08


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Havnt posted in a while cause i havnt caught anything decent. But just went to the harbour today catching a whole bunch of slimy mackerals and one 47cm Flatty all on chicken meat.

The place had quite alot of big decent flatties around however i couldnt be bothered to fish for them as I already got one myself, so i continued fishing the crazy action from the slimies. I never caught slimies before so this is the first so i dont even know if they'll taste as good as yakkas.

I caught like 8 within 30mins. I was hooking them up so fast, lol I kept boasting about how many seconds i can hook one up to Drkcld. Well Drkcld had 2 slimies and a few yellowtails for bait. He lost his live yakka to something(got chumped up). And my other friend caught another 2 slimies. Also I think i lost another flathead when i tried to reel it in, but i think i was pumping my 9lb mono line a bit too hard so it broke! cuz i thought it was a snag cause it felt super heavy but it was kinda moving.

But we had a great day today. Think it was a day before a storm is coming? or maybe the moon? or the cloudy sky that made the fish bite heaps there. (28 degrees, 5-9pm)



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Do you eat the slimies? They are great sashimi-ed, when super fresh.

Slimies (or Blue Mackeral) are popular eating fish in Britain and the mediterranean. I've seen them chargrilled on the BBQ scaled and gutted, and they look good! Maybe marinated in some herbs and oil and seasoned with rock salt etc. They have an oily flesh and I hear the flavour is strong so they wouldn't need much preparation, but I have to admit I've not tried them.

But Yakkas?? That's bait isn't it?

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Hi guys, (yes another newbie) :tease:

I went out on Sydney harbour 12-01-08 (with the wife and kids so not much fishing done) but still managed to get three 30cm bream (one bream thought it would be a good idea to chew his way out of the keep-net a very lucky bream :ranting2: ). Cooked them on the boat, beautiful eating fish. :thumbup:


The talk about the harbour is that the kingies are travelling around the boat moorings jetty’s and wharfs from Watson Bay to Rose Bay, some people are not travelling around looking for them but sitting on there moorings and berleying up, i will have a go at this next week.

I have also got some good sized flatheads and flounder on the drift at Little Manley. :thumbup:

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yeah the bait schools go crazy when it's overcast, esp. with a barometric drop and/or tide change and foul seas. my best effort this season: 36 macks in 40 mins, two blokes tagteam with an UL spin rod & 25gm slug. top fun! Finding them is easy. locate vertical structure; wrecks are good. They school vertically so what ur looking for on the sounder is a column of specks, very localized, almost like overspray on the screen. Sabikis will get you 3 or more per drop & repositioning the boat after every drop will see you bag out in minutes :thumbup: Often pays to drop one deep wearing a hook, they're usually shadowed by predators Go smash em raiders, there's heaps about.


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