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A Simple Understanding Of Dynamics


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For all you Jewgaffer styled gurus that love to explain the relative bio-mechanics of inertia and the various effects of a hard hit on braid as opposed to mono and the various techniques of applying the correct drag .........................................


Figure this one out!!!!!!!!!!!! :wacko:



(Your foreign traffic correspondent)

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Hi Stumpy. Greetings from Forster, the home of proper weather, and of course the best of local fishing knowledge and tactics might just happen to get passed on to visiting Fishraiders by Roberta who lives up here and believe me that information is a big plus.

I've been away over 5 weeks now fishing Qld and Ballina waiting for a non monsoonal day to go out wide which just didn't happen.

Shirl has been up here with me since New Year's eve which we spent in a rain soaked Qld with friends and relatives who live near the Gold Coast.

By the look of the good water up here in Forster and storms pending today and the rain coming down as I write will definatelty change the status quo of a recent shutdown caused by too many ongoing days of good conditions for prolonged fish feeding (A good tip Murray especially when trying to improve on sweep as your main target ! :D

We hope to get out pretty often after the change and we look like staying on a few weeks or so with an old mate called Syd who won a nice share in a nineteen million lotto a few months back.

Cheers mate and nice to see you teaming up with Ross and his young bloke and actually aiming the Bertram at a kingfish. Marvellous, but how did you do that Stumpy, any tips? :D

I'll be studying vhf radio proceedures to do a deferred exam with old mate Bob at the helm when I get back.

Cheers and happy new year to you and yours Stumpy and that's a great fishing boat, the Bertram mate. They don't come much better than that for the purpose, that's for sure, but remember Stump they are really a fishing boat and not just a reef broom old mate for Sweep and other similiar reef critters :074:


jewgaffer :1fishing1: .

PS Murray, the pile up was obviously caused by a nice lady called truck stop Lil, who was back at large and thumbing a ride again, I'd say.

I doubt if you knew her old mate :D

Cheers JG

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These drivers have obviously been reading the Greek road rules book, which states

that the only road rule any driver needs to know is- Rely on the other drivers brakes. :wacko:


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