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9 January 2008

Anglers asked to help snapper research

NSW snapper anglers are being asked to help with Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research on the mortality of line-caught fish.

DPI Fisheries wants anglers to register for at least one day’s fishing on Saturday 19 January in Botany Bay. If insufficient fish are caught, fishers will be asked to return on Sunday 20 January.

“This event is part of a five-year study funded by DPI and the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts using money from licence fees to determine the survival of released angler-caught fish” said research scientist Paul Butcher.

“The aim of this event is to quantify the short-term mortality and key contributing factors for snapper after being hooked from a coastal bay by recreational anglers using conventional gear configurations.”

Fish of all sizes, legal or not, caught by the anglers will be inspected by researchers and then retained in purpose-built cages in Botany Bay.

Control fish, previously caught by commercial fishers, will also be caged and used in the research.

“We would like anglers to catch up to 160 fish for this study,” Paul said.

“Anglers will be sent rules and procedures before the event.”

Anglers will be asked to meet at 5.45am on each day of the event near the Caltex Refinery Wharf on Silver Beach in Botany Bay, and fishing will begin at 6am and finish at 2pm.

Anglers will complete a data sheet for each fish that they catch and at the end of the event all data sheets will be entered into a draw for $750 in cash prizes.

Anglers who would like to fish in the event and assist in this important research should contact either....... Paul Butcher on 0266483910 or pbutcher@nmsc.edu.au or Shane McGrath on 0413513860 or smcgrath@nmsc.edu.au.

Media contact: Howard Spencer 02 66568825 or mobile 0428 696672.

If you think you may be able to assist the DPI ,PLEASE CALL THE ABOVE NUMBERS

Cheers Swordfisherman

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You are not required to fish the whole time or even start at 6am. You can fish what ever hours you wish on each day within the proposed start and finish times.

Its FREE to enter and most of the prizes are random draws so anyone can win. Just ring the guys.

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Hi everyone

It looks like there will be a small window of "better" weather to fish on the weekend in the snapper research event. We fished yesterday afternoon and caught a few as their was little swell and it was protected over the other side of the bay.

fisheries are now offering (on top of the prize money) $20 for every fish that is caught in the event.

If you would still like to fish in the event please contact us of if you decide on the day just turn up.

We look forward to hearing from you. :1fishing1:

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