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Down Rigging - Please Help


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Hi Raiders, im heading into syd hrbr this weekend and want to use my new down rigger....... using the rigger itself isnt the problem, im just not too sure what the best way to present the bait will be? should i bridle rig the yakka or just hook it through the back??

Also where would be the best area to try this technique. I am not the best king fisho and have only landed a hand full of undersized fish on lures so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers. Bill

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hi mate

If u use yakkas and downrigg them dont pin them in the back

as they will die! When towing them around.

You can bridle them, I just pin them throw the noise or

from the bottom jaw straight up throw the top jaw pinning there mouth closed

hopes this helps



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Hi Bill,

Bridle rig for sure, just like this but we use a cable tie...

Down rig from Quarintine to North head and back again, try and stay in around 40ft of water with your bait down around 20ft for a start.

Keep an eye out for bait balls on the sounder and don't be afraid to turn around and work them when you find them, keeping to the out side of the ball so as not to spook them. If you need to lift or drop your bait to get in the right area of the bait ball do it.

If you have no luck there or it is a little messy head inside and DR around the channel markers, keeping a close eye on your sounder for activity and most importantly the depth your bait is at. The marks vary in depth considerably. Don't get to close to the markers say about 10m+ and give the folks anchored up a wide berth.

If all that fails head into MH and DR around the moorings West of the Spit, lots of good fish have come out of there.

We will be out on Saturday so if you plan on a trip that day send me a PM with your number and we can give you a heads up if there is any action about. We are starting to get a good little network happening with this system :)



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Netics advice is spot on. I've had recent success at those locations. Rosa Gully is producing also. Watch the rod tip, wobble wobble wobble is the clue - then the rod doubles over. If it doesn't double over your yakka has probably been pinched. Take the fight to the fish, don't let it dictate terms!! :thumbup:

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