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Big Mac


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G'Day Raiders,

Just want to share a funny story about my mate 'Big Mac'. He has managed to lose 2 spools of super pristine braid with out even getting a bite.

A couple of weeks ago (Boxing Day) we were bashing around 'The Leads' for a few hours for a big fat doughnut. Upon our return The big man neglected to take his rod, loaded with chrisrmas gift braid, from the rocket launchers on the boat. If you know Roseville ramp you will know that you won't get far without hooking a tree on the way out. Needless to say that when we got home there was a rod and reel sans braid. :05: Upon a trip back to see if it could be recovered it was strung from tree to tree like a left over Christmas streamer. You can imagine the mood that Big Mac was in. :1badmood:

Last Sunday we spent the morning drifting from the Leads down to a spot off Tamarama. We managed 4 good flatties and some L'Jacket. The trip home at about 12.30pm was one of the rougher I had been on given the swell/chop and belting Nor' Easter. It did not help that we told our :wife: that we would be home at aboput 11.00am. We had the pedal to the floor. No need to worry about chucking up as I had already done that earlier in the morning when we decided that it would be a good idea to sacrifice a live chicken to the piscatorial gods. As I said it seemed like a good idea when we thought of it. If anyone saw a chook head or chook missing the aforementioned head on Sunday morning, it is now probably making more sense.

In our haste to get back to the ramp or given the rough ride that ensued, the lever drag on Mac's overhead rattled back to free spool. You can guess the rest. well atleast we were able to salvage 5m or so of mono that was the backing.

Can wait to get spooled this weekend!!

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Speaking of leaving rods in the rod holder when trailering your boat home, my old man lost an entire out fit to the trees that line the road down to the Tunks Park ramp!!

We searched and searched... no luck. The possums must have taken it. :biggrin2:

Yes Raiders, it runs in the family. :tease:

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You didn't really kill a chicken as a sacrifice to the fishing gods and then dump its body in the water did you?

If so, then I may have spotted the source of your bad karma!!

The chicken was on its last legs and we thought that the ringing of it's neck at home would have done the job. I just wish we had been able to rustle up a mako with it!!

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