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Just Bought A Waeco Fridge


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Yep, there a pretty good fridge, and mine withstood some pretty extreme temps last year.

Do NOT run them off a generator on 240 as unless the generator has a controlled "power wave" thingy, it will fry your fridge. This happened to me and the warranty bloke said basically, the generators have to be like the new Hondas with a special inverter do hicky thingy. (Please advise if I'm being too technical)

They are a top fridge mate, I have the special bag that comes with it that helps with insulation. They are pretty good value.

Your battery has to be pretty good as they have a sensor that shuts the fridge down if they get too low in power.This saves the boat or car from having a dead battery. They are a little too sensitive though so I backed the "safety" level down a bit. This kept the fridge going longer and I still didnt get a flat battery.

When we were working outback, (40 degree temps) Mine would run right through the weekend, when we went home, with no probs, without flattening the twin batterys, and the trucks sitting still.

Cool Pick Up mate!


Stumpy :thumbup:

(Another informative post brought to you by,Stumpy- for Moderator! :biggrin2: )


PS We had my 50 litre run right through Xmas on freeze, just to cater for extra turkeys and hams etc!-It really helped out.

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Thanks Stumpy

Yeah got the bag. Thanks for the heads up re genset, i had no idea. All i want to do now is go away and fill it with fish :074:

i try and get everything cold in the house fridge, then load the 12 volt fridge (mines an engel). saves your expense 12 volt fridge from working as hard. also keep well ventilated. it needs to be able to get rid of heat off the condensor. if the ambient temperature around the fridge gets gets hooter than the condensor it wont cool, (ie in a closed car on a hot day). and yes as stated above dont run it off cheap generators) otherwise they work well.

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