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Slow Trolling Lures For Kings?


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Robbie I had great success a couple of days ago slow trolling a pencil bait. The CD's were ignored as was the livie, the 3 kingis I caught smashed the 'cigar' right up in the prop wash, no more than 5m back. I'm convinced they love prop wash, tomorrow I'll try 4m back with "teddy torpedo".



Poor old Ted, busted in the head

Earned his keep today

three kingis dead! :biggrin2:

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I have had a lot of success with the sluggos, no reason why they won't work trolling. Other unweighted/ lightly weighted soft plastics would be worth a try too, eg a flick bait.

PS, what are DR's?

dr's are downriggers mate.

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Can any one suggest a lure/s that I can hang out the back while I have the two DRs out the sides for Kings.

Seems like a waste of good water not to put some thing out there, :1prop:

I have been using a CD7 with out any luck so far.



what about a swiming gar ,works for me


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up SWR this year we got hit on the

X-rap 15 in blue mackerel and also a 8inch big squidgie fish in blue colour

and picked up .which landed two kings

and the bonito colour got lots of knocks as i felt they where nudging it

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