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Tyrnos & Spheros Reels


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Hi all

Was wondering if anyone has used or owns either of these reels, I am looking at upgrading my gear & these are something that caught my eye. I am looking for something that will be suitable for some kingies & a few other light pelagics (Spheros, probably the 12000) I'm not really into very light gear so even if this may appear to be slight overkill I think it would suit me better than the light gear I know some kingie exponents recommend. The spheros looks to be a solid & pretty robust reel & its not ridiculously priced.

The Tyrnos is something I'm considering for the bigger fish around, I was considering the TLD range but I've been offered a pretty good deal (No price yet, but I've been told it will be close to a new TLD 25, a limited offer thing, you know how they go!) I was told that the Tyrnos reels would be suitable for small game & also some jigging to if matched to the right rod. Can anyone tell me if I'm being lead up the proverbial path here or are these reels good quality for the price.

By the way, I will be targeting things I'm not familiar with but you have to start somewhere & I am already addicted even before I turn a reel. Venturing outside will become something that is a little more accesible to me in the very near future so, being a persistant bugga I want to do my best to learn learn learn. Any assistance is much appreciated.

Rods I am also considering are the New Shimano TCurve King Mack spin for the Spheros & possibly from the same range the overhead bluewater.

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The spheros is a very nice reel and reasonably priced...I have the 12000 and use it on my beach rod and boat rod...I like the fact that I can switch it around to a different rod and it's versatile in that regard...I can't comment on the other though as I don't own one...

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both reels are very good for there price

the spheros 12000 is the same as the 14000 just the inner diameter of the spool is smaller on the 12.

the tyrnos 30 is a bulkyish reel good trolling,guys in QLD use them for Bottom bashing alot.

I would find it hard to jig with a tyrnos 30 as i think it,s to bulky.

The tyrnos 20 might be right,I have never used one

they are the same as a 30 just a little narrower.

both those rods are nice rods

the spheros 12000 maybe a bit big on the king mack

most jiggers use a shorter rod and if you where to use the Bluewater

it may wear you out quicker.

i have not done much jigging

cheers johnno

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Mik, i think the Spheros 12000 might be a tad large for the T-Curve Kingmack.

My Kingmack has an upgraded Spheros 8000 loaded with 30lb braid and what a sweet outfit it is.

Took it up to the Ribbon Reefs last october and it nailed some superb fish....GT's to 20kg, big Spaniards etc without missing a beat.

The T-Curve 7ft 6" Bluewater spin would be a better match for a Spheros 12000. I assume you will be loading it with 50lb braid or heavier???



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The tyrnos is a good reel, you don't want to be jigging with it though unless you are the incredible hulk!

Actually I find the Tyrnos 20 easier to jig with than my Trinidad 30 (a smalller reel). Its more mechanically efficient than the smaller more highly geared reel and its much easier to move a big jig in deep water.

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First up thanks everyone for the great replies, I love Fishraider!

Secondly, the jigging thing was something I "MIGHT" try, but it won't be my main style. I think the tyrnos will get used more for trolling etc. The Spheros looks to me to be something that is a little more versatile & I thought I could maybe use it for kingies (Trolling, drifting, downrigging) and also the occasional spin when we come across some surface action that screams a cast of slices etc.

As you all know, I'm a freshie for the most part & getting into the bigger stuff was something that I was too scared to attempt (If I'm honest) but I have decided for several reasons that its time to grow a pair & have a go. You don't catch big fish if you don't try. Experience is something that will come eventually so meanwhile I would like to kit myself out so that at least my gear is up to the task, then all I need is alot of practice & several hundered hours of on-water experience & I should have half a chance of catching myself a few decent braggable submarines.

PS - will be looking for anyone that would be willing to teach a newbie the ropes boat wise in the deeper stuff down the track. I hope one day soon to get a decent boat.

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Mate the tyrnos wont let you down with any fish...strong reels with good components......

The spheros is also a very strong reel that will handle nearly anything even heavy jiging....so if you get one of each you will have covered all types of heavy gear fishing with the execption of big marlin

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Just a quick update.

Ended up going with the Spheros 8000 on the TCurve King / Mack Special & Tyrnos 30 on a 24Kg Backbone Elite.

Hope to send in a few reports over the next few months from my victims of the above two setups. Now all I need to do is get out there (I wonder if I can cast the spheros into rose bay from here......its only 350 kilomteres or so...) :1prop:

Thanks to all with your advice & PM's.

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