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Howdy y'all,

Just wondering where people have found slimies in or around Syd Hbr recently?

Heaps of yakkas around, but i havent had any luck finding slimies. :(



as a rule if you sound around the area smack in the middle of a line in between the end of north and south head

and more so if there is a current edge pushing out the harbour evident......

you will find them tightly schooled up just of the bottom....locate them

drop a jig down and jig them up..

these are the slimies that take steroids..... we grab them all the time for takeing out wide to the shelf

and couldn't see the kingies turning there nose up at them if offered....

or at the very least it will be one worth talking about......

Cheers Warnie...

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I can say specifically that there are swarms of slimies ranging from 10cm - 35cm at little manly point this wek. I got sick of catching them whilst spinning small metals. Although the bigger ones really go off on light line :thumbup:

Good luck


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catching these guys are so fun. You can catch them where u usually catch yakkas, well thats for me, they seem to hang around the same type of area. Anyways do it at dawn or dusk, its perfect time. What i do is use a very small suicide hook and put a small piece of chicken unweighted out on the surface and they really quickly find it and pull kinda hard too.

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