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Who The Hell Said There's No Fish In The H'bury?


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Hey henryinnis - it's been soooooo long since I've posted anything- 6 months to be exact. I'm planning as soon as the kids go back to school to hit the hawkesbury hard and get some sort of routine back in my life with regards to some regular fishing. I miss it soooo much - glad to hear the fish are alive and kicking! WATCH OUT!!!!!

Love to see some pics if you have any.

Cheers Marg

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Sorry, been busy lately, here's the story.

We have been fishing round the Wobby Beach/Dangar Island area, using fresh squid. One day we decided to drift between the two, for an experiment.

Drifting, crappy drift btw, was doing my nut,and suddenly that tap tap starts. Tap tap tap then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! on 3kg line we had the first jewie. dead scared me tho. we netted him and brought him up.

(just a tip, the jews seem to really take the bait after 4 taps, if you get any more its best to strike cos its probably a flattie :tease: )

tap tap tap tap whack! big hit but no line pulled, hauled him up and a 40cm flattie is on board. tap BANG! i strike and a little snapper is brought on (these r in plague proportions, they seem to prefer peeled prawns).

A couple of flatties later we called it a day. its been almost the same in the spots for the past 3-4 weeks,,,,, if you want to know some exact locations and can keep a secret, PM me :biggrin2: ..

going up to the house this weekend, will scan and post the pics (sorry for the delay, but phone AND camera were both dropped in the water, and i left the memory cards in them on the island :mad3: )...

See you raiders on the water!!

(p.s mike (zenman) dad says hes keen for a fish when he gets back; currently in england atm, so im boatless!)

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