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Collecting Live Bait In Cowan Creek?


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Refuge bay long the shorelines, look for the weed beds.

Opposite Juno along the shoreline, look for the weed.

Both Spots good for squid, and you could come across the odd livey.

Smiths Creek, the bays at the end, great for livies and possibly squid. Actually, all the bays are pretty good.

Burley up with cat food hung in a stocking. A few little knife holes to assist, great weapon on livies. If they arent there rather soon, move to another spot.I tend to use the catfood in the slower waters. Brilliant stuff.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Stumpy

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And perhaps you should consider pumping some nippers. They work a treat in the hawkesbury and cowan creek systems. Gives you a good chance at landing a variety of species as well. Just a thought - if you aren't having any luck with the larger predators.

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i always and i mean always score good candy sized yakkas and herring looking things at the yellow sailing course marked just inside cowan on the right hand side about 3 bays down from elenor bluffs. just berley and you will have and unlimited supply.

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