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hey all iv been a bit quiet latley but with all this time on my hands at the moment with all this rain about thought id show yous my new toy picked it up a week ago 1 owner low hours great condition sure beats the quinny dart stacks more room and more power but sad to see the tinnie go

435 hornet trophy custom side console 54 leccy up front and 35 evinrude (oil injected 2 stroke) powers it

70l alloy live well being made up as we speak.

took it for a run with billy (1975)the other day water was a mess choppy as but got up to 42km/h going by gps plenty good enough for me

hope the pics work

cheers mick




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Good on you mick and your new toy.

Reading this post has got me thinking that this would be a great new fourm topic ( raiders and there new toys )

This should be a topic for what raiders are buying, this will help us all understand what is on the market and what other raiders are getting into.

This should not have to be new, it should also inclued used.



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