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My Pb Flathead Of 5.3kgs


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Was recommended this site by 2 friends rzep and mrs rzep.

My first post and I wanted to show off my flathead that I caught this month.

Caught at Tuross Heads on the 2nd January 2008.

It weighed in at 5.3kgs.

After catching this we realised that we had no camera on board so quickly dashed off to the boat shed where we knew some people and jumped off for a quick happy snap before it was quickly released.

It was caught on the last piece of bait that we had which was the spine of a tailor - you wouldn't believe it hey?

After the flatty took my line four times, my other half helped me to get it in closer and I took over again while he netted it - unfortunately in the process he lost his brand new $400 bolle sunnies.

It all happened so quickly and my main aim was to keep the fish alive especially as it was a breeder, so unfortunately I did not measure my flatty and I kicked myself afterwards, but at least I got a photo.

The breeder is now a new owner of a flashy pair of sunnies!. :1yikes:

This is a great site and I look forward to adding more reports soon!

Maybe I should also enter it in the Fish Of The Month Competition! :yahoo:



Hopefully you guys can somehow workout how long the fish is up against myself. I am 163cm tall. It was MASSIVE! :1prop:


JJBRANDY :1fishing1:

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What a thumper lizard JJB. and a huge :1welcomeani: to the site.

Cracker of a first report too. :thumbup:

Great to see more women showing how it's done too.

Definite FOTM contender there.

Sorry about hubby's sunnies though.



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:1welcomeani: Love to hear about a good fish caught but it is even better when a lady does it. :1clap: Great catch and welcome to the site. Hopefully we will catch up at a social one day.

Best way to get the size of the fish with out guessing is that it came up to your bust, so drop a tape measure down to the ground and presto, you should have the length of the fish. Let us kow what the measure is as I would love to know if the the lads, as I am sure they are, have it right.

Rule of thumb, when you don't have a camera you always get a big one.

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Wow nice to see the ladies bringing in some great fish! Congrats on your PB flathead its a monster.


Yeah Jess you 2 girls can hang out together and outfish us oldies,.........................errrrrr, your not taking the boat though !

Well done jjbrandy, and welcome to Fishraider!



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Ripper of a flattie. if it weighed over 5 kg you've got to be looking at the 90cm mark. They dont come around often. My pb is 3ft and 11inches across the head (only had a old dressmakers measure to use )

Make sure you enter it in the comp.

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Beautiful lizard.

Arent they a site at that size.

She will be about 90cm with atleast a few thousand babies just waiting to come out and grow.

My mate(Hooked Up) just caught his PB lizard at 4.5 k.g's and that was on a soft plastic.

What did you catch her on ?



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