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Pb Flathead In Botany Bay


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Hi all,

Just a quick post on the Flat'y I caught in the bay last week. It's a PB but it didn't come easy. D-head here (and yes the hat proves it, note to self "get new hat") forgot to loosen the drag after storage and as well, it swam around my over line. My wife needed to manage the other rod find the net and land him. After some tense moment of the flat'y taking some lunges near the boat we landed him.

We also caught some Taylor (legal but went back), small bream and yellow tail.

Good day on the water apart from the 20knot winds that came up about 1:30 as expected, which made for a bumpy ride home in the Signature.

Where: Botany Bay anchored near a starboard channel maker.

When: About 11:30am (Falling tide, 1hr after high)

Bait: Chicken thigh

Gear: Reel, Stradic 2500 with 4lb braid/10lb leader. Rod, Ugly Stick. Hook, Mustard Big Mouth No 1/0

Fish: Dusky Flathead, 58cm 1.1kg (PB)


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