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Bad News For Ballina


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Just got off the phone from Dad (That would be old fart Stumpy) ,as I had to brag about my daughter Jessie's fishing exploits this weekend.

He was saying that the floods down Ballina way were that bad that there have been truckloads of dead fish being removed from the rivers.

Apparently the rivers swell up over the paddocks and the grass takes the oxygen out of the system?

The river has been shut down for at least a month,and Dad was saying that the last time a big flood hit, the system was closed for 7 months.

If I actually get the chance at work, to look like working, but actually not, I will "google" up some more info and post it up. Dad actually said it will be quite tragic, as the tonnage being removed will easily hit 1000.



(Your regional river system updating guru-for moderator)


P.S Over 500 posts and this must be my second serious one :1yikes:

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That's correct Stumpy.

I posted a story in the Library last week on this...Looks nasty up that way for sure

Here's the story from ABC Online .



I had a feeling you would have covered this Pete, you never miss anything!

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