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Kingy Success!


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Gday Raiders!

I'm writing this report as a VERY VERY happy fisherman... My dream and obsession for the last year has come true- I caught my first kingy! :thumbup::yahoo: This last week I've had the two best fishing sessions of my life.

For a long time I've been reading other Raiders' reports of successful kingy sessions, and I've been full of admiration and a certain amount of jealousy! When my lovely wife asked me what I'd like for Christmas this year I quickly replied "a boat". She laughed... damn it... stupid mortgage. When she asked me what I'd really like, I then replied, "I want to catch a kingfish". So given that I am boatless :thumbdown: , she very kindly gave me my choice of fishing charters :thumbup: .

After doing a bit of research, me and two mates decided to book with Des Tombs from Hookem & Cookem. The idea was to have a day of learning techniques, tackle, and locations from Des, and hopefully catch a kingy or two in the process. This would hopefully mean on the rare occasions we do have access to a boat, we would be in good stead for success. Anyway, Wednesday (16/1) was the day, and we met Des down at the boat ramp at 0530. We motored up Middle Harbour through the Spit and Balmoral areas, stopping at a number of Des' favourite bait spots, and soon the live-well was full of a good supply of squid, yakkas and slimies, and my head was full of a few great bait spots for the future! We moved to our first kingy spot, and put out a number of baits, on different weights and rigs, and it was long before BAM... ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.... my rod bent, and the drag was screaming. I could not believe the power, and how much line could be stripped at will, despite tightening the drag a number of times as much as I dared on 20Pd line. After about five nervous and exhilarating minutes, and a number of incredible runs, I landed my first kingy!!! He went 75cm...


The rest of the day had a number of other big hits and unfortunately my mate got tangled and busted off on something (busted anchor rope maybe?) about 6 foot under the boat... looked like a good sized model as well. My other mate didn't manage a kingy unfortunately, but did manage a hammerhead shark, which he thinks sounds pretty impressive when telling people... Fairly important not to mention what size though (about 70cm :074: ).

We were pretty unlucky not to land more fish, but nevertheless the day was fantastic. Not trying to plug a business too much, but Des was bloody awesome. So generous with his knowledge and really works hard to get everyone onboard a good result. If there's anyone else like me, hanging to catch a kingy, and you don't have a boat, or need some invaluable guidance, fork out the cash and spend a day out with a GOOD charter provider like Des. In my opinion, it's the best thing I've done since joining FISHRAIDER.

Very keen to test out our newly acquired knowledge and skills, one of my mates who was on the charter talked his dad into taking us out on his boat yesterday. We left at 0530, and as we'd done with Des, went to catch our livies. We easily caught about 20 odd, and headed off to the spot I'd landed a kingy on the Wednesday. Not long after getting my first line in the water I was on, and after a solid little fight, landed my first Samson fish measuring 62cm. "GOOD START!!!", we were all saying, and not long after, line after line went off, with kingy after kingy all in the 62-71cm range. There were 3 of us, fishing 5 rods, and all got a good taste of the action, and at one stage, had a triple hook up. We all ended up with a good taste of the action and the tally was as follows-

Matt (my mate)- 4x kingies (1 legal), 1x Samson, 1x red rock cod (swallowed a yakka 3/4 it's size!)

Matt's dad- 3x kingies (2 legal)

Myself- 4x kingies (2 legal), 1 x Samson


We went home over the moon :yahoo: , feeling like we'd graduated somewhat in our fishing careers.

CANNOT WAIT to get out there again!!!!

Thanks for reading,


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well done mate, nothing like you first kingy. now youll be saying you need to get one over 1 metre hahaha. great work and look forward to the next report.

hehehe... funny you say that. I'm not quite there yet, but after the early success we had, we were joking about that yesterday. Scary bloody obsessive sport!!!

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Great job there g.t. Those samson fish are every bit as good as the kings in my books.

I will vouch for Des as well even though I have not been out with him. He has been very approachable, friendly and open whenever I have chatted to him on the water or at the ramp. Seems like a very decent bloke.

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Will everyone please stop pulling kingies outta the water!!!

Geeeze, there will be none left by the time I get there (Early Feb) :tease:

Seriously, great post, nearly as good as being there. Congratulations on you cherry poppin'. Now if you'll just leave one for me I'll be happy. :1prop:

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Great job there g.t. Those samson fish are every bit as good as the kings in my books.

I will vouch for Des as well even though I have not been out with him. He has been very approachable, friendly and open whenever I have chatted to him on the water or at the ramp. Seems like a very decent bloke.

You're right about the samson- With all the experience of one kingy under my belt, i was calling it for "a decent kingy" when I was bringing it in, and it wasn't that big... I reckon the extra height in their profile gives them a huge amount of power when swimming sideways to the fishing line.

In terms of Des, top bloke/ teacher, with the best job in the world!

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GREAT report there, great 2 see u lads get onto some kingy action,

may the addiction start now !! haha

ive been fishing for kings for a couple of years now and caught countless fish

and still cant seem to get enough, awesome fish and heaps of fun to catch no matter what size,

makes me want to get out there NOW !!

well done

cheers steve :thumbup:

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Having only recently blooded myself on Kingys I know the feeling of all involved! The power is just intense and bloody addictive. Believe it or not, I dream of the damn things these days. I am so looking forward to the long-weekend it is not funny! Three days on the boat - choice is hard though....Long Reed or the Harbour.

If you haven't already check out the guys from Adventure Bound (someone has a link to youtube in one of the other posts). If you are hooked now wait until you see down SA way!

Anyway, great post and tight lines! :biggrin2::thumbup:

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