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Chippy Norton Bass

Heath R

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Hi everyone

I have been reading reports from this site for about a year now and thought it is about time I post one

Went to Chippy Norton Lake on Sat morning for the first time with my brother Ryan in pursuit of some bass

We are both very new to bass fishing as we mainly fish in Botany Bay for all the salt water species

The rain did not stop all morning but we did manage a couple of bass all caught on top water lures

We also caught a couple of bream

I caught the best bass of the morning going 45cm caught on a koolabung cicada (green)


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Nice Bass there Heath ,I know that spot well and its great to see the bigger bass still wanting to play :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

Thanks Stewy and everyone else

I must admit that reading your recent reports on that place made us venture up there

I fish the Georges alot but never up that far

Your recent report on Lake Glenbawn has also inspired us to book a long weekend up there in a couple of weeks.

If I catch half as many fish over the long weekend as you did in one of your sessions I will be a happy man

Cheers Heath

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Well done Heath,Thats a very nice bass :thumbup: and :1welcomeani: to fishraider.

I fish the Georges alot but never up that far

Im the same,but i think i will venture up that way sometime soon.Atleast i can take the boat,not like where i normally fish for bass in the georges.



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That's a a great fish to open your 'fishraider account' with Heath! :thumbup:

Any fish caught on a surface lure is a real feather in your cap, and when it is a bass of that quality ... even better! Look forward to reading about your future successes. :1welcomeani:


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