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Sydney Harbour 22.01.08


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Hey guys me and drkcld went to harbour today around 3pm started fishing till 8pm. When i got there this old man caught a 40cm+ thumper bream!!!!.


So today Drkcld caught this massive 65cm flathead on my slimie fillet. Which was gunbait for this flattie! We were using chicken and prawns to catch slimy mackerals. There alot of them but it was kinda hard to hook them up this time compared to last time. So it took a while cuz it was still early in the day around like 7pm. When it got darker the fish started biting harder.

A couple of nice blokes gave us a few more slimies, ended up with 7 slimies, gonna cook half and use the other half for perfect bait tomoro!

Lemme describe the fight with the flattie. Started off taping on my big rod, was using 15lb crystal fireline with 40lb fluoro trace. The flattie felt sooo heavy when it was reeling up, at first he thought it was a rock but it started peeling some line towards the pylon, everytime it pulled it took alot of drag because the drag was on nearly full and it still took quite alot, then he thought it was a kingie or something until it surfaced. Luckily a couple of nice guys there helped us land it with their net.

This happened just when we decided to stop on the slimies and go home lol luckily we didnt.

Drkcld's new pb of 65cm w0o0o0o beat his old by 5cm. lol



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