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Harbour - 23rd Jan


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After my succes of yesterday i was keen to get out again i can catch some more fish.

I was also taking out two virgin fishos at various times in the day. On the water at 6:40 and go and pick up mate number 1 from Watsons Bay. Quickly managed two squid and then out to the markers.

Down went the squid - 2 minutes later the Baitrunner screams off. I offered the rod to my mate but he was too nervous so i grabbed it. Short fight later boatad another nice low 60s fish. My mate couldn;t believe that i had to put back such a nice fish and he wanted to keep it... but obviously it went back in the drink!

So that was the 1st intro to fishing for him and he was stoked when i dropped him off to go to work. I then managed to grab a selection of slimeys and yakkas from Watsons Bay and back out to the markers again. Livey #1 down and almost instantly it got smashed - a much better fish and finally a keeper whcih went 84cm - a really solid and thick thick fish. Straight in the Esky for dinner :1prop:

Then it was time to pick up mate #2 - another virgin fisho - from Clifton Gardens. He was gutted when he saw the Kingy i'd just caught and the fact that he'd missed it.

We tried a few spots around the harbour and eventually anchored up near another marker. I had two liveys down and my mate had a piece of fresh squid on his &&*&*& "Rex Hunt" special. I was just getting a drink and some food when my mate calls out "I've got one"

I turn round to see his rod bent double and him lookijng a bit worried. I managed to talk him through the fight - a good job given that he had 10lb line on!! and he landed his 1st Kingy. Not a big fish at 60cm but he was stoked! Straight back in to fight another day. We had one more Rat after that and my mate caught a HUGE eel and then we decided to call it a day.

Another great day out on the harbour. Only one more day of holiday left for me so there's a good chance i'll be out there tomorrow as well...

Tight lines to everyone


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