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Poddies for bait or bigger for eating?

Either one do a search throught the fishing chat/reports sections and you will find heaps.

Poddies I use a plastic juice container with a 2" x 1" hole cut in it with the edges of the hole folded down at 45 degrees. fill it with a bit of bread and (thanks to a tip on this site) shaved soap. sit back and wait.

Bigger ones I have a float with about 3 ft of light line under it, split shot at the botom and two small hooks rigged with bread. Quite somple really.


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Hi Jfish & Mondo

My float really suits shallower water where they are seen near the surface or over oyster racks as this is where I normally go for them.


You can make the traces longer, but they will proabably foul up. If fishing deeper water, you may need to go the 1m depth.

My bread method makes it much easier too - they tend to suck the whole thing in rather than nibbling round the edges of big bits.

Just now, the leases up here are alive with mullet near the top of the tide! The water errupts every time a pelican flies low over them! Had a go last week & came up trumps! Yummy smoked.

Hmmm, I must go out to the sea again ......


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soap is no good for the system....try putting two screws or nails on either side o fthe hole in your trap, then rip a hole in the middle of your slice of bread and place it it the trap so the screws hold it in place... stops them pulling bread out...also when you get a some, leave a couple in the trap when you put it back... this will encourage more mullet to jump in

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