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Sambos In The Bay


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Hi all

This is my first ever report on Fishraider, just became a member. Hope to post a lot more over summer.

Anyway, left work a little early on Friday and headed for Botany bay. Conditions looked good, light ENE and very little swell. I was feeling pretty confident of catching a feed. I was heading out to the oil wharf, run out tide, maybe some decent bream were on the cards. As I was going past the 3rd runway, I noticed a flock of gulls working the water in the middle of the bay. I rigged up a metal slice on my 2-4 kg spin rod with 6lb line thinking there might be a school of tailor on the chew. As I got closer, I saw the school bubbling on the surface, some big water slaps by what looked like some decent sambos. I started the cast and fast retrieve and I was on in seconds, a 60cm sambo gave me a bit of hell on the light gear but I landed him. Got straight back in to the water and I was on again, by this stage I was surrounded by them, this one was even bigger and pulled like a train, got him to the boat just to loose him as I tried to net him. Never mind, try again and hooked up immediately on a nice sambo that went 65cm.In again and hooked up on what was probably th e biggest of the session but lost him and the metal lure at the boat. :ranting2: Rig up another lure and on again, this time another nice sambo. In the final washup of what was a great 30 mins, was 3 x 60cm+ sambos and 3 x 30cm+ tailor. Not bad for an after work session. :thumbup:

I want to catch my first Kingy this summer. Any tips on rig and locations?

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