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Sunday 27th Sydney

marcel haber

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Hi fellow Raiders,

Took the boat out for a fish this morning and about 100 or so other boaters had the same idea.

Launched at Tunks park at 5.ooam and was greeted by a wonderful day weather wise on the Harbour.

Managed to catch some live bait, there were yellowtail in their thousands beneath us.

The livies were very shy to catch and were of a very good size to present on the line for bigger fish.

We went to all the usual spots and every spot looked like a car park full of fisher boats.

We anchored and berleyed and put down some live baits and freshly caught squid from our previous outing for nil.

Only managed to land one good size tailor,could not get amongst the Kingies, what am I doing wrong?

headed back to the ramp where one bloke had 4 good size kingies he said he landed at North head! as if.

I told him he was a ledgend and congratulated him.

I just dont seem to have any luck at the moment.

Did any one else do any good today!

thought I saw Namesay out there today, was that him in the blue boat with trophy written on the side?


Twin 1

Marcel :1fishing1::1fishing1::1fishing1:

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Hi mate, i was also at tunks at 5, we left in a white centre console and hit the bait grounds....didnt get any squid but landed a heap of yakkas.... none of the yakkas produced and kings so went in search for more squid. We scored one mumma squid and then searched the sounder for some likely spots..... My advice is this, dont rely on one spot, keep a close eye on your sounder and check out all the channel markers for likely activity, if you see something below, drop some baits, if they dont get smashed in 5 minutes MOVE. I find if you sit and burly you get too many pickers!!!

Try this technique next time - you may crack it!

We landed 4 kings this way all on fresh strip squid....No bigguns, just 67-70cm.

Attached is a pic of one of the kings today with my lovely daughter who greeted me with a "i dont like that big fish, any little ones?" God bless them!


PS: WHEN THEY SAY "Oh we gotem at North Head"..... thats normally a polite way of saying "....like im gona tell you!" lol


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