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The Shelf


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How does one find the Continental Shelf without having to drive around while constantly

looking at the ocean depth on the sounder?

Is there gps co-ords and how many kms east out of Syd heads?

thanks guys


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I don't go out there in my Quinnie but I used to go out to the shelf in my old (much bigger) boat. "The Shelf" is about where the bottom hits 100 fathoms from which point is starts to drop away really fast into seriously deep water. If you have a chart plotter, you can find it by navigating to a way point at the 100 fathom line. That's what I used to do in my last boat since the sounder wasn't up to the task out there.

Don't know from Sydney, but from Barrenjoey from memory it was about 26nm. The distance to the shelf varies heaps depending on which bit of coast you start from.

Cheers, Sinky

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Hi Buddy, i have a GPS with Mapping Card showing shelf line along East Coast.It is the 200m line with bottom dropping quite sharply from this point. It is about 28ks South East of Sydney Heads while heading to Browns, The shelf is much closer down south than North. For example Shelf is approximately 17ks out of JB heads and approx 44ks out of PS Heads. I Can get you Gps co ordinates but depends on what point North or South as Shelf line changes so much . Cheers Dave

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