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Aussie Day Hawksberry


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To start i would just like to thanks all the raiders out there that have given me help over the last couple of weeks to catch my first jewie... :beersmile:

I got to Parsley boat ramp about 10pm on friday. Loaded up and headed to flint & steel. Puton the squid and got Smashed but, the bugger headed for the anchor rope, and I had to cut him loose. Came back down the river to Gunya point and driftered back and forth all night. 2 flatties a heap of cat fish and a few little snapper. after sun up headed over to lion island. a few eel and 2 snapper. There was a congregation at flint & steel so i headed back and settled in with the others.. bait fish and tailor were schooling and everyone was into them. Once the school had mooved on we went to broklyn for lunch. So I went to the rail bridge to try my luck. Drifting in around the 3rd pilon from the northside backwards and forwards we went.. Every pass we scored. After 2 hours we had 5 jewie's from 55cm up to 70cm. (pic's will follow asap when I download them). as the night went on we drifted backwards and forwards on the tide between the bridge and gunya point.. 3 flatties and 2 nice bream.

so once again thankyou to you all for the tips and help and I hope to go again very soon.. Speaking to others The big jewies are getting harder to find, and I did notice this trip there were not as many being cleaned at the ramp, so I guess I was one of the lucky one's... :beersmile:

Well as for the pic's......? some didnt come out....and some are not so good???? sorry guy's but here is one of my boat..15' Hamilton Jet and one of a cat fish and the small 50cm jewie.. I know it is just a legal jewie but that is what counts .. it is a jewie and it is legal...Once again thank you to everyone

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