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Gold Coast


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Hi guys can anyone tell me if it is possible to catch a Jewie off Broadbeach the Gold Coast? or has anyone heard of them been caught up there? any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated thanks. I am landbased.

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Hi Nats :1welcomeani: to Fishraider.

Do you know the sand spit jetty at the end of Marine Parade at Surfers?.

It's a long walk to the end of it but it takes you way out behind the breakers into very deep water. When you get to the end, you can fish straight out in front of you. It's a long way out and it's a pretty eery place. You'll probably have it all to yourself late in the night except for maybe a couple of pro type shark fishos. My wife Shirl gets very scared out there talks about ghosts of ancient mariners and night flying makos and all that type of thing, though it's an extremely safe and comfortable place to fish with protective railing around it.

The best times there are when the wind is howling straight back into your face when you're fishing seawards.

You'll get jew and big sharks there especially during the wildest of north easterly blow ups late in the night. Large tailor or very big fresh fish fillets are the go on heavy beach rods using a pair of 8/0 hooks.

The sand spit jetty is run by the council and there is a little kiosk there that sells bait and tackle where you pay a few bucks entry to fish the jetty.

Some big southern jew have been caugh there and the action well and truly beats getting consistently baited by middle of the road stuff at Broadbeach waiting for jew to come in close.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

EDIT you'll need a flying gaff tho.

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for a jew land based on the northern end of the coast your best fishing off the seaway walls at the end of the spit.

you will need to fish before the top of the tide and hang around till it starts to rip out, you can either fish right at the end of the wall or you can fish on top of the sand pumping pipe, which regularly holds jew and is located on the wall near the main large car park. look for a small concrete platform right down on the rocks, it may take some looking possibly at low tide during the day.

these two spots would probably be the best spots on the northern goldy as well as the above mentioned jetty all within 10 min walk of each other.

I would forget jewfishing at broady, there is however good bream, whiting and dart fishing along that stretch of beach.

cheers, and good luck.

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