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Braid Always Breaking


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G'day guys,

Why is it that whenever i use braid it breaks......I bought some 8 lb fireline braid the other day and it was brittle and broke out of almost no stress....

Then today i was out in the harbour with new 20lb fireline (i bought yesterday)..... hooked a kingy, it came up to the boat twice then braid snapped 2 metres from the boat.

Furious..... Just gonna stick to mono, never seems to break for me. Does anyone else seem to have a similar problem or am I getting dodgy braid?



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Are you using a decent length - say 5m of shock leader @ the business end?

hey dpac. I gotta agree with the comment from Jigholio. Try using twice the rod length of a decent shock leader tied to your briad. Braid doesnt stretch much (at all!!!) so if your fish decides to slack your line then turn and run you will have the full force on your braid (and yes, your rod too) and it'll ping you! Also, mono leader will be more abrasion resistant to various obstacles (teeth rocks etc etc) than braid. Try at least 1 1/2 times the breaking strain of your mainline (well it works for me and ive lost fish b4 thru this).

Good luck mate and let us know how you go.


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