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Jim Bream And Uncle John On Saturday

jim bream

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Went fishing on the 26/1/08 with uncle john but the little fella was sleeping. Got out there at 6 am had to work very very hard to catch what we caught. Throwing back 22 bream that were just under 25cm but not sure whether you measure to the V of the tail or to the end of the tail could some one tell me where you measure these fish from. I caught a monster over 44cm which uncle john is holding.

I will post more of my catches in the coming days.





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Great catch mate!

What waterway were you fishing?


I fish in botany bay in certain spots which are productive on the right hand side of the bay.

Facing the heads.


What bait did you get the bream on ?


I caught the bream on yabbies but preffer worms

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