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Flatiies/kingies Around The Harbour


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Hi all

The last few fishless trips had me thinking i was doing something wrong or i have a Jinx

which my Boat has landed fish but not me on the rod.


With a call Sat arvo from my Brother to hit out side and the harbour in morning which i was up for it.

3.45am the alarm went off and i was up

with the boat all ready ,on it went and off to Rosebay ramp, which i meet another mate with his boat.

The day had started and nothing had gone wrong :biggrin2:

We both headed outside to do a drift for flatties the seas where sloppy but got to the spot

then dropped away.within 5mins pulling up some flatties small but then start to get bigger.

continued this for a hour and had 3 in the tank.With my Brother feeling a little sick even before we went out

he had his head down for to long and then felt worse.At this stage it was 3-0 his way and thinking i was going to go fishless again. He said i will be right just keep fishing man So i did.

I landed 3 more and dropped 2 at the boat :ranting2: he was getting worse so i called it and we headed back inside.

We got near the heads and he was feeling better, So we went to North head /car park and anchored to drop some squid to see if there where some kings around. 1 hour passed and was quiet for us but others getting little kings/throw backs.

I got hit and it felt strange but pulled drag, up it comes :ranting2: seargent baker 63cm he went back.

we stuck it out and my mate returned from out side within 15mins he was on and landed a 67cm.

He then landed a 60cm on 2kg gear.as that was going on my bro had a hit and was on ,with the twinpower 4000 screaming :thumbup: it was a good fish within a few minutes it was boat side and landed around 69cm on a 15lb setup.His first legal king

Thinking i was then not going to match him the torsa went off and wasn,t long

it was in the boat in a flash it didn,t take much drag a little unfair using the torsa.

My first legal king 68cm.

here are some pics


whilst we where waiting


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Good stuff Johnno,

Its nice when you get off the mark for the new year, tends to be a big relief!

Top fish............. and it was a bit sloppy out there eh! There was more than just one of you out there sick that day.

I ended up taking my deckie into the wedding cakes as he was going a little green. Unfortunately, we had no luck though.



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