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Sydney Harbour 28th & 28th January, 2008


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Gidday Raiders,

I hit the Harbour on Friday for a quick session with my Old Man. We picked up 10 southerns and then cruised around the markers flicking baits in. We picked up two nice Kings - 75cm and a 68cm. These fish were in fantastic condition. Fat and wide and they put up a mighty fine struggle. :thumbup:

Back inside Middle Harbour, my Old Man gets well and truly smoked on 30lb braid abd 50lb leader on a locked up Twinpower 6000. There was no way this fish was going to be stopped. Very exciting stuff. :1prop:

My Brother (Bottle Ceph), Bro in Law and "The Elk" (very random poster) hit the Harbour yesterday. After a 5 squid haul they hit the regular spots for 10 Kings (3 keepers) and a couple of nice Flatties in the 60-65cm size bracket on rubbers. :thumbup:

All in all, a reasonable effort. :biggrin2:

No pics this week... you all know what Kings and Flatties look like by now!!

No rods lost this week. What a bonus!! :074:

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