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Qunitrex Hornets


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Great boats - however, if you want to go offshore as well, look at a topender

True - I have a 400 Hornet. Great in the estuary. Love it to death.

But wouldn't dream of taking her outside. I'm even nervous about taking her over to north head on a calm day, just in case........... :hitsfan:

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Hi Dos, good boat the 5.0M Quintrex, but unless you have placed the order, Stacer have upgraded their Barra range to what they are calling the Barra Pro. They offer 4.69 / 4.89 and 5.19 Barra Pro with the 5.19M being rated to 115HP and having 2.5MM sides in lieu of only 2mm.

I am not saying you should not buy the Quintrex, but from the guys in R & D at Telwater that I know the new bigger Stacer Barra Pros are a superior boat in terms of ride, strength and stability.

PM me if you would like me to send some photos and pricing along. I think a 5.19M Barra Pro powered by the V4 E-TEC swinging a Rogue prop would be about as good as a fishing tinny could get.



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