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Would You Trust Them?

Little Hooker

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Hey raiders,

I jus got my pair of scotty 1114 DR delivered and im bloody excited. :yahoo:

Ive been reading about not trusting the rod holders that connects to the boom in some other models but i havent read much about these rod holders.

Since my beloved and expensive rod and reels on them, would you trust them sittin in there when hopefully a hoodlum hits??


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Wow that was replys!

Thanks guys for the advise guys i surely wont be usin them for the kings.

lanyard? im guessin that is a clip with some good rope/wire that clips on your boat jus in case the rods goes over??

Can anyone post some pics of there set up on ther boats by any chance? So give me ideas b4 i go drilling holes that i will regret and patch it.. :1prop:

thanks raiders

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