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Helppp Im Going Insane Coming Back Empty Handed!


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Heyy all i havnt posted on this for a while but i have had almost no luck with catching those dreadfull kings in the harbour this year i have caught like 2 in the past 10outings... i have stopped my beloved jigging for them as i cannot be bothered lure fishing for hours on end (unfitt hahahaha)

i have started to use live baits and downrigging as my next best option but i have had next to no luck.

with all these reports bout king fish being caught is driving me crazy... maybe they just dont like my yakkas.

im using yakkas and sometimes if im lucky fresh squid caught the following night.. strips.

yakkas im using sinker swivel then line im using 20 to 30lb line with 50lb trace and sometimes 30lb trace mono. i hook the yakka on its neck wen im anchored or on its nose wen im downrigging.

another rig i use is a runin line above a sinker at the bottom.

i fish the wedding cake and clifton and get my yakkas from either wedding cake or balmoral wateva is firing.

any help on setup being used and anything really that will just make my life alot more easier.

thankyou and hopefully saturday morning produces.

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, go out on a charter, you will learn everything in a few hours that you need to know to catch kings. It will also save you hours of frustration which will be worth more than the cost of the charter. There are lots of experienced charter operators who can show you what to do.

Aside from that, you just need to look, look, look for the kings as they move around. It doesn't take long to get good at catching kingies, some days they just eat anything... we seriously have seen them take baits that a toadfish would almost turn its nose up at :P

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You need squid. Not frozen, not from the markets, not vaccuum sealed from two weeks ago and not the ones caught the night before. You need to catch them in the morning and then chase the Kings straight away. They need to be not more than a few hours old if dead but, preferably live and then stripped and sent out straight away. The ink and the guts are the best parts closely followed by the head then the stripped mantle.

If the kings aren't biting, send out an unweighted head on a lighter outfit (20lb fluro trace) and see if this works. Sometimes, this will bring them on. :biggrin2:

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I completely agree with the fresh squid comments. I also agree with the comments about going out on a charter but it is pretty difficult to get a spot now for at least a couple of months. I go out with either no no no or Des Toms once at the start of each season to learn and this is money very well spent but you need to book a few months ahead.

I got 2 Kings on Saturday using yakkas and my fresh squid didn't get touched. I scored 9 on frozen squid in the same spot using the same rigs the week before. On Saturday I went to 8 spots before I got one hook up. Trial and error is the key and don't waste hours sitting at Clifton Gardens or the Wedding Cakes if they are not being caught.

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don't waste hours sitting at Clifton Gardens or the Wedding Cakes if they are not being caught.

Id say dont spend any more than 15 mins at a spot when chasing kings .. if you've got live baits out and they havent been hit in that time ... they eirther aint there or they just aint interested.

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mate i find that the way i hook up kingies funny enough is to use pilchard cubes. I dont mess with live baits or squid. Just keep a constant berley stream of pilchard cubes going and they will come to you. Fishing light and into the berley stream works for me...

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tell me bout it... up early almost every weekend... arguments witht he mrs and nothing to show for it hahahah

maybe one day in the very near future itll be all worth it...

:P catching the fish of a lifetime

fingers crossed

Mate, last w/e we got up well before the sparrows were farting, spent $300 to hire a boat, $50 in bait, put new lines on all my 3 rods, lost the favourite lure and the burley pot and a hat AND GOT NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im begin to think that although we had all the gear (and no idea) I must be doing something wrong.

We fed a hell of a lot of fish that day

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thanx all for the replies i think im gona go on a fishing charter next season as this season might be booked out...

and as for the squid, were abouts on a boat can i go and try my luck???

ive heard the spit has been fished out and balmoral i have caught nothing there but lil yakkas in recent times.. anywere else???

and again thankyou and keep the replies coming..


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