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At Last Something


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Hi All,

Saturday 4 hours in boat 3 just under legal bream.........

Sunday 6 hours in boat 2 just under legal bream 3 toads 1 shovel nose....... 5 witches hats nothing.

Monday 2 hours off river bank low tide nothing..............

Tuesday :wife: text me chops for dinner I reply flathead for me her reply lol yeah sure.

Quick session of bank at Lemontree Passage after work nothing for first 120 casts change to a green crappy looking plastic as pink/black/orange/silver/blue didnt work and bingo :thumbup::thumbup: first cast flattie jumps on and manage to land.

Didnt have any thing to compare size with but between my thumb and forefinger is 20cm out strechted, flattie went 3 of those.

I will be out there again tomorrow........


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