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Chasing Kings In Botany Bay , This Sat Arvo


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going out in the trusty tinny to chase some kings at container wall or oil warf sat arvo about 4 if the wether is good ,if anyone is going out and wants to help each other find em via marine radio just p.m me and ill get a channell and call sign to you .cheers.cam.

i will be out on sernity on sunday chasin kings ,let us now how you went Cam

cheers arman

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gday arman , there are descent kings in the bay , at 5:00 this arvo i was at container wall (green buoy on the oceon end) and was unfortunate at picking up livies for god knows what reason , but a boat pulled up only 10 metres away and had triple hookups on thumper kings , i guessing they looked around 75-80 but fat! , Then a fourth smashed him and took off to new-zealand and spooled him , right in front of my eyes only 10 mtrs away , i was pissed i wast gettin any livies because thats all it took .THEY WERE THERE!!!! had em on the sounder, but wouldnt tough any baits , just live. cheers mate .Let me know how you go tomorrow. cam.

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