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Me And Her

PJ Garn

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Hi Raiders

Stepped out for a short session yesterday arvo down the lovely Nepean... nothing caught but another poem raised it's head!!! Probably not my best, it's in a slightly different style to what I've been writinmg lately but I thought I'd share!!! :biggrin2::biggrin2:

Me and Her

The clock struck five,

I feel so happy, so alive,

As she brews a storm,

Over the mountains.

I’m off to fish,

My whim, my wish,

A little spot I know,

Along her river.

A couple of hours to spend,

With her I intend,

Is all that I need,

To free me.

From the daily grind,

That plays on the mind,

The money, the work,

It can consume.

So as I sit,

And her rain falls a bit,

I relax and forget,

Life’s little worries.

Oh, isn’t she a lovely thing,

With the all wonders she brings,

As her lonesome Carp,

Breaks the surface.

And I’ve just missed,

The first bite of her fish,

In search of the next verse,

For this poem.

She holds me in awe of her river and its’ flows,

It keeps on going, going it goes,

On its’ lazy journey,

To the sea.

And by her I never tire,

For she’s the one who inspires,

As we’re all alone together,

On her riverbanks.

Slowly she turns day to night,

And her mosquitoes start to bite,

They feast on my body,

As we wait.

And even if I’ve been,

Defeated it may seem,

Our time spent together,

Precious as Myrrh.

Her peace and her quiet,

Is just how I like it,

Good company we’ve kept,

Me and Her.

What do you think??? Thanks for reading!!!

Cheers as always

PJ Garn

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