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Bibless Vibration Minnows

Bream Mad

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I have just got into the bibless sinking HB's such as jackalls and baby vib's and was wondering how best to work these lures.

I am a bit frightened to let them sink all the way to the bottom for fear of snagging, but it seems that is often the key to extract strikes.

I will be targeting manly small river bass any tips would be appreciated



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Dont be too scared, if you take off the front treble they dont snag as much, however you loose some hookup ratio, thay work great on the flats too, fish them like a plastic, let sink and hop it off the bottom, pause a bit in between, the hit usually come on the drop, they are a little bit hit and miss however some days thay really fire the fish up, experiment and enjoy.

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you could always use a "tackle back" but it is a bit of stuffing around

how it works is you put it on your main line it is also attached to a rope

you drop it down the mainline and should knock it of the snag and hook a treble then use the rope and pull it all up


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