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Sydney Harbour 2/02/08


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Myself and TobyW will be hitting the harbour tommorrow around 5am chasing the elusive XOS Kingy :)

If any one would like to stay in touch so we can cover more ground as a group, send me a PM with your number, and I will send you mine.

If I get a few responses I will send a PM to that group, so we alll have each others numbers to SMS whats going on and where is firing :)



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JUst saw your signiture update....... :074::074:

I will be installing some tamperproof bait tank devices for this trip me thinks... and you know what Ill even bridal them for you mate..

watching the Seabreeze wind and swell forecast it loks like tis following the stockmarket trends........ :thumbup:

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hi guys,

i will taking my mates out in botany/georges hunting jew sat night in his quinny600.. then on sunup hunting kings prob colors to sth head dep on weather... good to keep in touch to track the kings down... more boats looking = beter chance of kings..... an i have a kingy virgin to blood :biggrin2: ....

ill pm my #....

cheers... steve......

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