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Family Fun At Forster


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Just got back from Forster Tuncurry, and had an absolute ball with the missus and kids. Caught a heap of fish took the kids out night fishing in the boat for the first time, and generally had fun in the sun. We started off on our second day there catching whiting off the large island on the other side of Breckenridge channel. it was amazing, we were basically sight fishing to Whiting well over the legal, the biggest went 33, I got the blame for leaving the camera at home that day so no photo's unfortunately :( Over the next few days we caught some good Bream and more Whiting, but what I thought was unusual, was only 2 Flathead, we had caught some great poddies, bu didn't turn a reel with them, caught the flatties on mullet strip and prawns?!? Had a good night session anchored off the boardwalk, we had fish and chips for dinner and then proceeded to catch some around 15 - 20 just undersized Bream, and I dropped a good Pike at the boat. The kids loved the night fishing! We love Forster, it would have to be one of the best alround family holiday spots on the coast.


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Shhhhh!!! Don't tell everyone that Forster is Fantastic!! I thought that was my little secret!! :1prop:

Well done on your success!! So pleased you got in to some good fish with your family ...... even at night! Looks like you had the best of the weather, too! Could be a lot of rain around for a while!!

Just as well you dropped the pike .... slimey smelly things that they are!! They give a good fight tho! :1prop:



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mate i go up to forster every year for fishing and the place seems to get better and better... the fishing is great, the beaches are fun and the people are very friendly...

Hey i was catching alot of the flathead in the lake with chicken breast... taking up a minimum of 7 a session, so i guess they will take anything when the time is right.

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Yep the place is special alright, and I reckon you couldn't have a bad day up there!

Just on the Chicken for bait, my uncle is just about the best Bream fisho I know, he usually makes his own pudding bait, but his second choice is chicken breast, and he loves mullet gut as well. Hopefully we will get into the Flatties next time up there. Thanks for the replies!

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