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3/2 Harbour Trip

Black CC

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Afternoon all,

Spent 3 hours catching 5 squid this morning, which we converted into 7 Kings and a Sampson. Great fun but they were all between 60 and 64 cms so no fish for dinner. The bait was all gone in 45 minutes of fishing. We caught 2 more Kings on SPs but they were rats as well.

None of our usual squid spots seemed to work. We even tried out at the colours and some other deep water spots and couldn't manage one squid.

Amazed how many boats were out on such a wet day. When we got back to the ramp another boat had 2 80cm Kings - both caught on Yakkas. Hoping for better luck next week.

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It is not anywhere near Sow & Pigs. It is a reef about 800m East of The Gap - ie offshore from South Head. It is a rise from about 30m of water to about 18m and usually holds some very large squid. It is also a good spot for larger Kings and you often see fishtraps on the edge of the reef.

Sound like you had a bit of fun!!! just a quick one when you say the colours where are you refering 2 ive herd that a few times now is it the sow & pigs reef?

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Great fun gettin stuck into a few kings,but get's a bit frustrating when there all undersize & none to

take home for a feed.I no exactly how you feel as me & my mates have caught over 20kings in the

last 2 trips outside botany heads & all were between 60 & 63cm.

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