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Mer Prop Pitch


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I have a mercury 2 stroke 115 with vengeance 16 pitch ss prop. This would hit the limiter at 5500 where it says the maximim rpm is 5200 I think on the sticker on the motor. I bought a 18p vengeance prop second had to see how that would go. I got 5200 or just under with the boat pretty heavily loaded up so would this seem about right? It felt better I thought around the 4000rpm mark I thought.

Just looking for some feedback.



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Hi Chris, the 16 inch prop is wrong for your rig and the 18 inch is spot on-the performance, fuel economy and noise will be better with the 18 inch.

Contact Wishin as he really is the opposite to what you are and really should have a 16 inch prop for his engine/boat combo. Upto you mate but see if he would want to buy your 16 inch prop.



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