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Anybody Fishing The Harbour Tomorrow?


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might try the harbour tomorrow morn. weather looks shit but might just go anyway.

is anyone else going or keen?

pm. me!

Hi Alex I would be keen to launch at Roseville late pm session your boat . No need to motor too far just warm up motor and drop anchor. Going to Parra now for quite a few hours with rods in the car, can't get you on the mobile or send sms either, so you call me if you see this post


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Yep, got the older bro down from Brisvegas at the mo. He is keen to get on a SH kingy so will be going in at Tunks tomorrow early.Have to show him that there is more to life than his big snapper / pearl perch that he keeps catching up north. No finesse in hauling big nobbies up from 200ft with 2 ton overhead gear, is there.

BTW, I reckon the weather looks good for Wed according to Seabreeze.

What's everybody else think?


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