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Owner Split Rings Or Is That 'sprit Rings'


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Like a good fisho my cousin recently purchased some quality Owner Trebles and Split Rings to upgrade some of his poppers and hard bodies that had been fitted with lower grade hooks.

Upon inspection of the packet of Split Rings it would appear our Chinese or Japanese manufacturing friends had a great crack at spelling the name on the packet correctly.

Looks like they got tricked up by the letter 'L' once again and unfortunately named the packet 'Sprit Rings'. I give them an 'A' for effort though.

We had a laugh and thought other raiders might get a gigle out of it too.


Fungers crosssed mi Speeling is Corroct!!!

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reminds me of when i went to Thailand for work about 20 years ago

they had these fake audio cassettes

one was a Phil Collins album with his name written in cursive

the s looked like a d so that's how they printed it

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