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Harbour Jewfish , Tactics & Tips


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Hi hulafish, I have always found middle harbour fishes best during the night two hours each side of the top of the tide for jew coming in and just before and during the still water at the bottom of the tide and the early run in in the deepest water I've found, for what I believe are jew remaining in the locality longer. Freshly caught live bait and Spit caught squid is the best bait to use.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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The one thing about the Harbour is that there are many options both landbased and for watercraft user when targeting Mulloway. As you don't mention anything specific I am guessing that you are still considering your options. The best bit of advice I can give you is to invest time (perhaps 100's of hours) learning how to catch fresh local bait. And not just squid, tailor and yellowtail. Depending on where you are fishing in the Harbour, Mulloway will actively hunt blennys, glass perchlets, trumpeter whiting, mantis shrimp, cardinal fish, flower of the waves, garfish, whitebait, silver biddies and hardyheads. All these can be caught using lawful recreational methods and can be fished live or as dead baits. Many anglers swear by live bait - but personally I have found actively working fresh dead baits - to be a much better proposition.


Estuary Cobbler

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